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Congregation Kol Chadash is proud to be associated with Cleveland Hebrew School. Kindergarten through Second grade classes meet on Sunday mornings, with additional classes two afternoons a week for students starting at the third grade.

In addition, on Sunday mornings, all of our students receive a minimum of
an hour of instruction in Judaism by a teacher specially selected by Kol Chadash. This class is for Kol Chadash members only.


All students of Kol Chadash are prepared for Bar or Bat Mitzvah by the rabbi who tutors them individually once a week from six to eight months before the student's Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The rabbi gets to know each child's strengths and an individualized service is prepared by the child, his or her family, and the rabbi that fits the personality and abilities of that student. Our ceremonies are warm and inviting, and encourage participation of the family if desired.


Congregation Kol Chadash and Congregation Beth Shalom offer a joint confirmation class for students in grades nine and ten. The class meets weekly on Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30 and is co-taught by Rabbi Mills and Rabbi Susan Stone of Temply Beth Shalom. The class participates yearly in a confirmation trip, alternating between Washington, DC, and New York city. At the end of the
tenth grade year, students are confirmed during Erev Shavout Services.


Congregation Kol Chadash offers "CLUB CHAI", a once-a-month holiday workshop for preschool age children. Club Chai will meet the third Sunday of every month from 9:30 to 10:30. It will include music, snack, stories, and crafts. Taught by an early childhood educator, Club Chai will give a preschool child a positive first exposure to Judaism.

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